Quantifying company culture with AI

Create company culture that is a competitive advantage.

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Artificial Intelligence

We use data from your business systems to measure the current culture of your organization.

Historical Trends

We recreated how your culture has changed over time by looking at the historical data in your business systems.


See how your culture metrics compare to the averages in your industry.

How it Works

Connect your Systems

Connect Gmail, Slack, Zoom, Web-ex, and lots of other business tools.

Review your Culture Metrics

Our AI analyzes the data in your systems and creates a culture metrics dashboard.

Take Recommended Action

Take action to close the gap between your aspirational culture and your current reality to improve your company's performance.

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Our team will show you how Culturitics can improve your company's productivity.

Our Team

Bradley de Wet

Bradley de Wet

Co-founder and CEO

Bradley has a passion for entrepreneurship. His experience includes work at Contactually (acquired by Compass Real Estate), a DC tech startup with a CRM product for realtors, where he was able to see the company progress from early seed funding, to doubling in size and obtaining venture capital backing. Bradley is obsessed with organizational culture and leadership. The thinkers and educators that most influence his thoughts are Simon Sinek, Ricardo Semlar, Brene Brown, Ed Freeman, and Dan Pallotta.

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